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Gain New Insights with Data Integration

Integrating data with the help of media software can provide fresh perspectives into datasets and suggest strategies that differentiate audiences more effectively. 

How Multibasing™ works to integrate data:

  • Identifies key demographics to match audience segments.
  • Link samples of data sets to best answer "is my advertising working?"
  • Digs around datasets to find new approaches, differentiators, or information that competitors are not identifying.

This case study provides examples of successful Telmar clients that have used Multibasing™ and gained greater insight into:

  • Audience segments
  • Multi-platform activity
  • Using & fusing existing research to make more data-driven decisions

Telmar clients that are featured in the case study include:

  • Channel 4 in the UK
  • The Guardian
  • Exertion Media

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Download the Multibasing™ Case Study

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